We would like to give something back….

We are very lucky to be a well-positioned company, being able to gain regular sales and creating joy for many people. Believing in energetic balance, we feel that we should use this privilege to help others that are doing an amazing job for the greater good and to support our wonderful Kenmare and Kerry community. Of course, there are countless groups and organisations devoting unbelievable energy to help, so it is very hard to decide on which charity to support. But being a Kenmare venture and out of personal affair of the heart, our decision was soon very clear.

We are very happy to be a supporting business of KLAWS Animal Welfare Society!

Being absolute pet lovers, we´ve been following KLAWS amazing work for a long time. You wouldn´t believe how many lovely dogs and cats are out there, abandoned, mistreated or just in need of a new home because their owners are no longer in a position to care for them.

No matter their own situation, KLAWS leave no pet behind, taking them in, feeding them up, providing medical treatment and loving care… everything out of their own resources, no matter the costs.

It didn´t take long until WE fell in love with one of their fosterlings. Our dog Mickey was found by a lovely lady, in the woods, nearly starved and in a very bad condition. Luckily, she brought him to KLAWS, who had him treated by the fantastic vets of Kenmare Vet Centre and posted his picture on Facebook. This is how Mickey found his way to us. He is the most gorgeous and adorable dog you could wish for, well-behaved, loyal, cuddly, so grateful and the epitome of a “sunshine”!

Mickey has enrichened our life so much and we want to support KLAWS so that they are in a position to keep helping all those poor animals and bring them together with loving people to create new pet-families.

Therefore, we are donating €10 per sold wedding dress and €5 per
bridesmaid dress to KLAWS Animal Welfare Society

Hereby, your dress will not only contribute to the most wonderful day in your life, but also pave the way for an amazing pet to find it´s forever home!

Thank you for supporting this important work,

Rouven & Kathrin

Kenmare, Co. Kerry Ireland


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