Your Appointment at The White Ivy

Our consultations will also assist you in choosing complementary accessories like veils and jewellery
to finalize your bridal look and let you sparkle on your wedding day.


We are so happy that you are interested in booking an appointment with us and can´t wait to welcome you at our store!

When should I start looking for my dress?

Most wedding dresses will take four to six months to arrive, once ordered with the designer. Due to the current supply chain crisis, further delays have to be taken into consideration. To make sure nothing goes wrong or will put you and us under pressure, we prefer for the dress to be with us 12 weeks before your wedding day. The timeframe depends a lot on the alterations, so we recommend you start looking for your dress not later than 10 months before your wedding if possible.

Don´t worry if you don´t have that much time. Our lovely designers offer a rush service for many dresses and there will be dresses you can buy off the rail in our store.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, you will need to arrange an appointment with us. We work on an appointment- only basis to guarantee you the attention and individual treatment that every bride deserves when looking for the most important dress of her life. This also relates to shopping for flowergirl dresses and accessories.

Do you charge an appointment fee?

There is a justified discussion on appointment fees within the bridal shop industry.
Many bridal shops have decided to do so because some customers just don´t show or use the shops for a fitting and consultation and then try to buy the dress online afterwards.

Therefore we as well are charging a 30€ appointment fee for your first appointment. In the case that you are saying 'yes to the dress' at The White Ivy, the fee will of course be refunded to you.

Please note, that if you think about saving a few euros when ordering a dress online (good dresses by high-quality designers will only be available in certified stores anyway), keep in mind that there comes a high risk with it. The dress could come to you in poor condition and/or fit, defects in colour or just not meeting your expectations.

So please value the expertise, service and care you receive in our store provided by our dedicated team and support our local family-run business by ordering your dress with us and not online.

We appreciate your understanding that we won´t return, refund or alter any dress bought online.

Thank you!

Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

Having your closest friends and family members by your side on one of the most emotional days of your life is very special. You and your bridal party are very welcome at The White Ivy and we can´t wait to get to know you all.
Just consider, having too many people with you can lead to some problems because a lot of different opinions will unsettle you and might not be helpful to find your perfect dress. Therefore, we advise not to bring more than 3-4 people who know you very well, whose opinion you trust and who get along well together.

If you don´t want to leave anyone behind we´ll be happy to arrange another appointment for you so that you can show off your dress!

Can I bring my children to the appointment?

For your own comfort and for safety reasons we´d kindly ask you not to bring children with you.

We know this can be a sensitive question and we will try to do anything to meet your requirements should you have to bring children with you. But from our experience it is not advisable to do so. Kids will get bored very quickly and a bridal boutique is not a good place for them to play. There are a lot of delicate and expensive dresses and accessories on display and there can be needles etc. involved. Plus, having kids around will make it very hard for you and us to concentrate on the most important thing: you and your dress.

What should I bring to my appointment?

It is always very helpful to wear a skin-tone or white bra that fits you very well, ideally strapless and seamless underwear as this will give you the best-looking results. If you are planning to wear shapewear on your wedding day, it would be a good idea to bring that as well.
We provide a varied range of bridal shoes that you can wear during your fitting (and which you can of course buy as well as they are very comfortable!). But if you already have special shoes or other accessories that you will wear for your wedding, bring these as well as it might be important for the overall look of your complete outfit.

Please note that we ask you not to wear heavy make-up, fake tan, bronzing products or other oily body moisturisers to protect our dresses and keep them clean for the next bride. Any staining of the dresses will oblige to pay 50% of the sales price.

How can I pay for my dress?

We´re happy to accept any payment by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cash. When you order your dress with us, we will allow for a deposit of 50% to place the order with the designer. The rest of the sales price is due when your dress arrives in our store. This does not include the price for your alteration as you will pay this directly to the seamstress.

If you are buying a dress off the rail, payment is due within 30 days.

Do I have to expect additional costs?

In addition to the costs for your dress, it is very likely that you will need some alterations to make it a perfect fit.

You will pay them to the seamstress directly and we suggest to allow for €150  to €350.

Furthermore, you might be interested in shoes and accessories which we are of course offering as well.

Do you offer an alteration service?

We don´t have a classic in-house seamstress BUT instead we are partnering with some of Munster's most experienced and dedicated seamstresses and dressmakers for your wedding dress alterations. They will help you with anything that you´d like to be done on your dress. For more information, see “Services & Partners”.


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