The Story behind The White Ivy

Paying a lot of attention to detail and providing excellent customer service, the team of The White Ivy will make sure that the choosing of your wedding dress will be as special, magical and unforgettable as you deserve it to be!

The idea of The White Ivy was created by married couple Kathrin and Rouven in 2019, when both were thinking about a way to enrich their lives by going new professional ways, looking for more independence and room for their creativity. Both had a feeling, that a traditional job just wouldn´t do. It had to be something beautiful and positive, creating special moments and share this with other people.

Originally being a pedagogue, Kathrin had stopped working in her profession several years ago, as more and more paperwork and strict requirements took the time and joy of working with the children and left her unhappy and desperate.

Not sure where her path would lead her, Kathrin got a chance to work for a friend in a bridal shop for a while. Always having been obsessed with everything related to weddings and wedding dresses and being an absolute romantic, this opportunity was a light at the end of the tunnel.
So, when thinking about their future plans, Kathrin´s dream of a bridal boutique in beautiful County Kerry inspired her husband to develop a business idea out of it. Rouven had been operating as a businessman in Germany and France in a family-run venture.

Having economical and financial experience, he saw the potential of this idea and after some brainstorming, soon The White Ivy was born.

Rouven then did extensive self- studies to familiarize himself with the wedding dress market, while Kathrin started to immerse deeper into the vision of what their boutique should look like to offer brides an exceptional and memorable experience.

Today, their profound knowledge as well as their passion for bridal wear and weddings make The White Ivy Bridal Boutique a welcoming and caring treasury for any bride looking for enchanting and dazzling wedding dresses.

Kenmare, Co. Kerry Ireland


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The White Ivy is located in the heart of beautiful Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Our premises are within Kenmare Shopping Centre, which is well signposted (follow signs for SuperValu) and accessible, offering plenty of parking options. It´s an easy walk to Henry Street, Main Street and Shelbourne Street, where you will find fantastic restaurants, cafes and shops. So, if you and you´re bridal party are planning to make a day out of it, Kenmare is the place to go!