Your Appointment at The White Ivy

Our consultations will also assist you in choosing complementary accessories like veils and jewellery
to finalize your bridal look and let you sparkle on your wedding day.


Of course, every appointment for a wedding dress fitting is special. But why not add that little extra touch to make it a memorable event you and your party will never forget? The White Ivy offers you this chance to have a more than perfect start to your happily ever after! Choose one of our VIP Appointments and surprise your friends and family… or maybe surprise the bride if you are a bridesmaid, mother, friend or just a person that wants to see a very happy bride-to-be!

  • VIP Appointment

    This appointment will last 2 ½ hours, so you have that extra half-an-hour to take your time, relax even more and enjoy your fitting to the fullest. With this appointment comes a bottle of bubbly to start with, canapes, fruit platter and chocolate truffles in addition to our regular catering.

(Please note that these appointments are subject to availability on Saturdays and Sundays.
You will receive a refund of 30 € for VIP if you order your bridal gown on the day.)


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